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We can help you improve your cashflow by getting your invoices out on time. We can email invoices to your customers for you.

bookkeeping and business development services

Bookkeeping services for small businesses

  • Bookkeeping is all about businesses staying up to date by recording their income, costs, bank transactions and VAT where needed. We offer these services and can help with sending your invoices to your customers by email.
  • We will answer your calls and messages so that we can chat about issues your business is facing as they happen.
  • Some clients prefer to have a weekly meeting and others email us everything - we can fit round you so that we give you help where you really need it.
  • We will always use plain English when answering your questions and we work evenings and weekends because you do too.

Bookkeeping and VAT Returns

Having up to date figures helps you feel less stressed so you can make good business decisions. You can outsource your bookkeeping to us. All paperwork will be up to date and filed away. You can avoid losing your evenings by handing the paperwork over to us.

With cloud based software (Quickbooks, Sage One and Xero Accounting) you can keep an eye on the figures with your own log in if you want to.

Business development

Help to grow your business

If you need a monthly chat about goal setting, the results for the year so far and what to do next BW Bookkeeping offers a monthly advisory service alongside the bookkeeping.  You can receive a management report pack as well as regular discussions to keep you on track.

Some clients like to monitor average weekly sales, others like an estimate of profits every few months.  We will set up reports to show you the numbers you need, so that they are helpful to you.



Sales Invoices

If you need help with sending out invoices, BW Bookkeeping will use bookkeeping software to email your invoices to customers and send statements if they don't pay on time. You can record your income in the way you always have done, and we can make sure the invoices go out looking professional with your logo and all the right details on. We recommend a cloud accounting software such as Quickbooks, we can get this set up for you.

VAT returns and payments

Help With VAT Returns

Every business with income of £85,000 needs to be aware of VAT.  BW Bookkeeping can help you, talk through what you need to do and register for VAT when you need it.

For more information about VAT from HMRC :

We will submit the VAT return online. We recommend a cloud based software package such as Quickbooks or Xero for this. We can talk to you about what information you need to file a VAT return.

HR and administration

Help with Administration

Handing over time consuming paperwork tasks will save you a headache.  Whether you want a filing system set up, to chat about having employees, or a Health and Safety file put together, BW Bookkeeping can help you stay organised. If you are feeling over-loaded, getting admin support can really save you time.

Having years of experience working with small businesses means we can offer the help you really need.

Email reply services

Back Office Services

Right now you need to turn your attention to your customers!  You can choose to let us help with your back office work, or get us in to help you handle a your latest project.

Meeting management

Bookkeeping Training - How to become a bookkeeper

Over the years we have trained bookkeeping staff in accountancy practices and trained clients who want to learn to do their own bookkeeping.  Whether it is help with a particular software package or a bit of 'back to basics' training, BW Bookkeeping are happy to take on a short term contract to get you feeling more confident with updating your own books.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have a limited company or be self employed and what is the difference? There are benefits to each type of business set up, it is really a matter of your personal circumstances.  If you have a high enough level of income there are benefits to having a company.  If your earnings are lower and you want a more flexible approach, self employment would suit you. 

What is the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper? In most cases, an accountant will help you with your year end and tax calculations, whereas a bookkeeper will help you with invoicing, payments and VAT during the year.  Bookkeeping is more of a support role.

How does it work appointing a bookkeeper? If you would like to start using a bookkeeper, it will not be a difficult process to get up and running. If you are using an accountant, we can contact them and liaise with them for you so that you don't feel caught in the middle.  Sometimes we can help with day to day 'stuff' right away and then take over more of the job later on.  It doesn't have to be stressful as the point of having a bookkeeper is to feel more supported, not less.

How much should I put aside for my tax? It is a great idea to put part of the money you get in from customers in a savings account to cover any taxes that become due. How much will depend on your level of income and whether you are VAT registered.  Talk this through with us so that you can start putting money aside as it makes paying the tax a lot less stressful.

In case it is helpful, our bookeeping blog address is :

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Why BW Bookkeeping?

I, Jen Nolan, set up BW Bookkeeping and Project Solutions after working in 3 accountancy practices over 17 years.  My passion is bookkeeping and supporting the owners of small businesses.  I found that business owners need a more flexible approach - phone calls outside of office hours, whatsapp messages rather than lenghty emails and help with a wide range of admin on top of the figure work.

Avoid missing deadlines by using BW Bookkeeping and Project Solutions to keep you up to date.

Email us using the link on the site or give us a call on 07825152951.  Let's talk about the help you need to run your business with our support.

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It was an experiment but BW has done my end of year tax return for 2 years now. Makes it all very easy and answers any questions. Takes all the stress out of my tax return so I can concentrate on my business.
Jaqueline Parkinson, Harpenden

BW helps us with all our bookkeeping work - paperwork, banking and finances as well as VAT. Always helpful and easy to chat to. Great bookkeeper for small business support.
Mason Grab Hire Ltd, Aston Clinton

I learned more about how to direct my business in 20 minutes talking to Jen than in 4 years of meetings with my accountant.
Rob L, Aston Clinton

Quickbooks Advanced Certified Pro Adviser