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The 3 most common mistakes in bookkeeping

Obviously there are many mistakes that can be made when trying to juggle running your business with keeping your books up to date. Hopefully reading this will help you stay clear of at least 3 of them...

Published Wed 3rd Mar 2021

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Sales invoices

When you are sending an invoice to a customer there are certain pieces of information that you need to show and I am going to list them for you here.

Published Sat 27th Feb 2021

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What can you get from your sales figures?

When you first start out in business, all you want from your sales figure is for the total to grow because it means your business is growing and you are beginning to make money.

Published Wed 17th Feb 2021

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Take care to match the correct amounts in Quickbooks

The automatic match up rules in Quickbooks are a real time saver and very clever but here are a few things to look out for!

Published Thu 11th Feb 2021

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Paperwork 101

Getting all your paperwork into order is not an exciting job, but it is rewarding. Knowing you can lay your hands on an invoice if you need it, knowing you have opened all your mail, it is a relief.

Published Wed 3rd Feb 2021

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Bookkeeping in lockdown

All businesses are being effected by the pandemic and the lockdowns. Whether it is through physical illness, not being able to meet people or just feeling that you can not make plans because the situation seems to change every day.

Published Sun 17th Jan 2021

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What does the Project Solutions in the business name stand for?

Our full name is BW Bookkeeping and Project Solutions, so we get asked from time to time what project work we get involved with.

Published Wed 23rd Dec 2020

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Clients in Aston Clinton

On a Friday I am lucky enough to have a client base in Aston Clinton that I can visit. It has been an escape over 2020 to be able to visit clients over there, as they are all working through the pandemic and I can meet with one or two each week to get their paperwork.

Published Fri 11th Dec 2020

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Small Business Support

I read a quote from a business coach online recently, saying that lots of small businesses give up, just when they were on the verge of a breakthrough and that is why it is so important to keep going.

Published Mon 30th Nov 2020

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Clients in Caddington

BW Bookkeeping have been lucky enough to pick up a few local clients this year, right here in Caddington where we are based.

Published Sun 22nd Nov 2020

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Why is paying staff weekly a bad idea?

Weekly payroll used to be fairly common and is still popular in some trades. Why is it best to avoid it?

Published Thu 12th Nov 2020

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Which bookkeeping software should I choose?

The cloud based software packages are the ones to use as the technology has improved so much.

Published Fri 6th Nov 2020

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Death, Bookkeeping and Taxes!

For business owners these are the certainties of life. Whether you are a sole trader earning extra cash at the weekends, or you have a company with 7 employees, death, bookkeeping and taxes can not be avoided forever. Its not all bad news, as planning and getting the right support can mean that bookkeeping isn't scary and the tax bills are under control.

Published Fri 6th Nov 2020

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Do I need a bookkeeper or an accountant?

Lots of people ask me what the difference is between an accountant and a bookkeeper. My answer is that in most cases accountants are important for filing your accounts and tax return, and a bookkeeper is the one who supports you with running the business.

Published Fri 6th Nov 2020

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Who can help me with my VAT?

So you have registered for VAT and bought some software, what on earth do you do next?

Published Fri 6th Nov 2020

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Bookkeeping Do's and Don'ts!

When you are running a business there is a lot to learn. When it comes to bookkeeping, there are some fundamental rules to be aware of.

Published Fri 6th Nov 2020

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How to keep the books for a small business

You know you have to log information for the tax man. However you also need to log your income and costs in a way that means you can use the information yourself.

Published Fri 6th Nov 2020

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Why is bookkeeping important?

How much money are you owed by customers at this moment? How much more do you invoice in the summer compared to the winter? What is your biggest cost each year?

Published Fri 6th Nov 2020

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Does my business need a payroll?

There are some businesses who will always need to consider setting up a payroll - it is the easiest way for directors of limited companies to get money out their business. There are contractors who pay sub contractors and deal with the tax as a CIS deduction who may not directly employ staff. And then there are a lot of people who are not sure whether to run a payroll or not.

Published Wed 4th Nov 2020

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Self employed or limited company?

Should I be Self-employed or have a Limited Company?

Published Sun 1st Nov 2020

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Who needs bookkeeping services?

Bookkeeping is about staying up to date with your figures, so the reality EVERY business needs to think about bookkeeping.

Published Thu 29th Oct 2020

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The biggest lie in bookkeeping...

When you buy software they make you believe that their system is SO user friendly that people can use it without having any training or knowledge.

Published Thu 29th Oct 2020

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