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BW Bookkeeping have been lucky enough to pick up a few local clients this year, right here in Caddington where we are based. Caddington is a village near to Luton and Dunstable, with a supportive community.

Written by BW Bookkeeping and Project Solutions - Sun 22nd Nov 2020

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We have a lot of self employed people and small businesses in the village, so it is a good place for BW Bookkeeping to be based. 

In Harpenden there are a lot of people using the train station to work in the city, or at least they were before the pandemic hit.  However in Caddington we don't have a train station and so there seems to be a lot of people who run their own businesses.

When Jen is out walking the dogs it is great to see all the sign written vans, the more small businesses the better!

Our local clients do all sorts of work such as plastering, consultancy, childcare, sales and dog walking which keeps it interesting for us.  Variety is the spice of life afterall.

Caddington is a village with a community feel so people share recommendations on facebook if someone needs a local service.  It is nice to be able to support small businesses like this, in this difficult time every one of those recommendations is a real help.  We are all trying our best to keep busy and stay open for business.

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I learned more about how to direct my business in 20 minutes talking to Jen than in 4 years of meetings with my accountant.
Rob L, Aston Clinton

Excellent bookkeeping service and knowledge of the work.
Phil Bass, Dunstable

I have never used a bookkeeper before so I was a bit apprehensive. Working with BW has been the best decision we have made recently. I knew we needed help with behind the scenes work and this has been a real relief.
Sam B, Cheshunt

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