What can you get from your sales figures?

When you first start out in business, all you want from your sales figure is for the total to grow because it means your business is growing and you are beginning to make money.

Written by Jen Nolan - Wed 17th Feb 2021

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Then you may start to log/track your sales to show you a monthly total - so that you can see which months are the best for sales in your business.  This means you can push your advertising at the right time and try and predict cashflows. As we all know when you have wages to pay it is helpful to know how much you will bring in to cover the costs.

You start to look at which customers are bringing you the work, are you getting your sales directly from members of the public or from contractors?This helps you understand where to aim your advertising and how to word them to get the attention of the right people.

But there are SO many ways to look at the sales and each one reveals a little more about how your business is progressing.

This month we have been looking not just at month/month or customer breakdowns but also, which is our regular monthly work and which is more project based.  This is allowing us to see which fees we can expect to receive every month, again this helps with predicting cashflow. 

If you would like help to look at your own figures, or you need help to record them in a way that will answer your questions, please contact us (jen@bwbps.co.uk) and we can talk it through.  Bookkeeping is about much more than knowing the total sales for the year, we can help you manage your business by letting you understand what the numbers mean.

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