Paperwork 101

Getting all your paperwork into order is not an exciting job, but it is rewarding.

Knowing you can lay your hands on an invoice if you need it, knowing you have opened all your mail, it is a relief.

Written by BW Bookkeeping and Project Solutions - Wed 3rd Feb 2021

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Our clients sometimes hand us their business mail because they haven't got time to deal with it.  We open the statements and file them in date order as well as processing their income and expenditure.  When they need a piece of paper, it is in the file either in our office or theirs, depending on preference.

Having a bag/box/tray in the corner with an ever building supply of paperwork left to process is a stress.  Its like a to-do list that isn't going away.

Get on top of it, whether you do it yourself or you get help, it will make you feel more in control.

If you need someone to help you keep up with replying to emails, we offer that service for clients too.  If it feels like there is someone needing something from you all the time, get some help with the behind the scenes work so you can focus on your main work.

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Excellent bookkeeping service and knowledge of the work.
Phil Bass, Dunstable

Our judges acknowledged you are a small business however that is clearly something you use to your advantage. You have very close relationships with each individual you work with and you seem to you go far beyond what would normally be expected to ensure everyone gets the very best advice and service for them. You keep the process as simple as possible and support the client throughout the bookkeeping process. It sounds like in some cases you have saved businesses a huge amount of money which in times like this is obviously incredibly important. We are very pleased to recognise your hard work.
Judge from national business award 2021-22

I learned more about how to direct my business in 20 minutes talking to Jen than in 4 years of meetings with my accountant.
Rob L, Aston Clinton

Quickbooks Advanced Certified Pro Adviser