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We still prepare VAT returns, payroll and keep the books up to date but our main strength is in the business support we offer. Our business was set up to allow Jen to be able to truly listen to clients and their goals, as her previous roles in accountancy practices always left her wanting to give clients more of her time.

Written by BW Bookkeeping and Project Solutions Ltd - Thu 11th Jul 2024

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Some clients are in a mess with their cashflow when they lean on us - we help with chasing customers for money, assisting with finance applications and plan future cashflow with them so that they can get back on track.

Clients are sometimes so busy that they have moved on to the next project without realising their customers are slow to pay them, causing cashflow problems for their business.  If we know that cashflow is the priority, we can really focus on getting the money in and looking at who needs to be paid first.

Other clients want to push their business to grow but don't know how to bridge the gap between what they are doing today and where they want to get to.

We help turn their goal into practical steps by discussing what can be done, which order is best for them, what type of budget they have to deal with the strategies they need.

We help some clients with their social media so that they can concentrate on the day to day work.  We have one or two clients who needed us to email contacts to try and establish new trade relationships so that their customer base increased.

Another way we can help is just by being on the other end of the phone as some small businesses are run as 'one man bands' and having an honest opinion can be really helpful.  Talking through ideas, worries, plans can help our clients to make sense of their thoughts which helps keep them on track.

We all need to be held accountable sometimes - we can promise to do this, that and the other but if we never have to report in and say 'yes that's done'...will we ever do it?  That is where a regular monthly or weekly call with BW Bookkeeping can help.  One client told us it feels like he is being set homework, but he still takes those necessary steps to growth.

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I learned more about how to direct my business in 20 minutes talking to Jen at BW Bookkeeping than in 4 years of meetings with my accountant.
Rob L, Aston Clinton

BW Bookkeeping is a breath of fresh air in the accounting sector. Supporting our businesses with skill and focus. Allowing management to to run the day to day projects and not be snowed under with delivery notes , wages and tax. The suggestions and input Jen and the team have implemented over our company are simple but brilliant as all the best ideas are. We love collaboration with BW Bookkeeping to support us in, not only running the day to day company but also building our buisness.
Joseph Walsh, St Neots

Excellent bookkeeping service and knowledge of the work. We recommend this firm if you are looking for a bookkeeper,
Phil Bass, Dunstable

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