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As a typical Brit I am rubbish at 'blowing my own trumpet' but I wanted to share some success stories I have achieved for my clients while running BW Bookkeeping.

Written by BW Bookkeeping and Project Solutions Ltd - Fri 14th Jun 2024

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VAT Nightmare!

I took on a client who had been let down by their accountant.  They received an email on 31st January one year about personal tax with a sentence about needing to consider registering for VAT...and then no support or follow up.  The next year the same thing happend, and very soon afterwards HMRC knocked on their door!  Their accountant proceeded to handle the meeting between them, the client and HMRC poorly, just making the VAT guy angry, and things got even worse.

BW Bookkeeping stepped in and went through the figures, helped the client start to answer the questions asked by HMRC and proposed a different way to deal with the situation which saved the client £7,000 in VAT payments.  The client was fined on top of the tax due and so there was an additional saving as the fine was a percentage of the VAT owed.

The client is still with me today (though they have a much better accountant now as we recommended a firm we often work with) and they have used my support to learn more about their figures so that they never feel so scared and out of control again.  They can do a lot of their own bookkeeping, but they need us to help them understand the finances more fully.

Funding Fiasco!

Recently we have worked with a company director trying to get a long term loan in place to finance the growth of his business.  His accountant was providing contradicting information every time the lender asked a question and in the end I spoke to the finance provider and stayed on the phone with them until they felt really comfortable that the business was strong and profitable but also that they did have an advisor in place who could provide robust financial information when it was needed.

We have worked with that client for a number of years now and their company continues to grow with each year that passes.

Marketing Mayhem!

Sometimes the help we give is based more along the lines of helping the clients achieve their goals.

We helped one client to get all their marketing material in to order as over a period of a few years they had used 3 different business names, 2 different logos and various addresses for the business.  Once everything was straightened out and brought into line, it was much more obvious what the company had to offer and their Google results improved.

One client we work with is keen to grow the business but needs a bit of help with the task as he is always busy with other things.  We have helped with social media posts, emails to potential customers and ordering merchandice to help him get the word out that he is looking to grow.

Our clients are important to us so helping them get to where they want to be is really rewarding.  

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We have been a client of BW Bookkeeping since 2017 and rely on them for a range of services. They helped us change from a sole trader to a limited company and handle all our banking and VAT.
Mason Grab Hire Ltd, Aston Clinton

Outstanding! BWBPS sorted out my books then provided me with the support and training I needed to get everything up to date and back on track. Friendly, professional service which I would highly recommend.
Cake Company St Neots

Excellent bookkeeping service and knowledge of the work. We recommend this firm if you are looking for a bookkeeper,
Phil Bass, Dunstable

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